Student Aviation Management Association

Project Overview
The Student Aviation Management Association (SAMA) at the University of North Dakota promotes aviation professionalism and camaraderie at the collegiate level. Its members work year-round to organize an annual SAMA Conference and Career Fair. This massive event is among the largest student organized events held on the University of North Dakota’s campus.
My Contributions
I served as the social media and technology director for two years, and went above and beyond my duties to help market SAMA and attract new members. I began by refreshing the SAMA logo. There was not a vector version of the previous logo, and I wanted the new logo to incorporate our school colors.
Social Media
SAMA's conference and career fair are its two largest events, and preparation for them begins early in the school year. Leading up to the events I was In charge of promoting them on Facebook and Instagram. I designed several posts to attract attention, and inform students about what companies and speakers will be attending.
Print media
Promotional posters were also designed keeping in mind the visual identity I had created for SAMA.
A pamphlet is created every year to commemorate the events. I created the layout and design from scratch, with some input from the other officers. Ads space was sold for extra fundraising for the event. I was in charge of coordinating the specifications for the ads with the marketing departments of interested companies.
I provided photo coverage of the conference and career fair to help record the events, and use for future marketing purposes.
To further document the career fair for those that could not attend I also shot and edited a video highlighting some of the attendees.
Another popular SAMA event that we brought back in 2019, was the SAMA Open Golf Tournament.

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