LTE Warning System

Project Overview
As a part of my interview process with Garmin I was challenged to create a new feature for their avionics. I chose what I knew best - helicopters. A warning system for loss of tail rotor effectiveness still does not exist, so I created a simple yet effective feature that can be inplemented into a variety of Garmin avionics.

About LTE

“LTE is a critical; low-speed aerodynamic flight characteristic which can result in an uncommanded rapid yaw rate which does not subside of its own accord and, if not corrected, can result in the loss of aircraft control.” - AC90-95

Key points:
Pilot feels an uncommanded yaw towards the advancing blade
It is an aerodynamic condition, not mechanical failure
Flow of air over tail rotor is altered

Contributing factors:
High power setting
Slow forward airspeed
Wind conditions

Wind Conditions

Main rotor disk vortex inference (285° to 315°)
Weathercock stability (120° to 240°)
Tail rotor vortex ring state (210° to 330°)

Warning System Parameters

Airspeed 30KIAS or less
Wind direction reported or calculated
Wind speed trigger: set by user

Warning System Demo

This animation shows the three wind conditions warning the pilot as the aircraft begins to lose airspeed.

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