As a commercial helicopter pilot, flight instructor, and drone operator I provide services such as:
  • Flight instruction
  • Aerial photo, video, and survey
  • Scenic tours
  • Event rides

"Beautiful view of the city. Our pilot, Andrew, was very accommodating and gave a very informative tour. Highly recommend"

"My girl-friend bought me a 30-minute "Learn to Fly a Helicopter" package for my birthday. When we got there we met with Andrew, who, in his mid-twenties, yet already had 800 hours in a helicopter (maybe he sleeps in it). Anyway, he took us upstairs at the facility and explained the controls of the helicopter, and after he felt I had a good grasp on things (ie: how helicopters work, fly and are maneuvered), we went out and did a preflight walkaround. We went through the pilot's checklist to start the helicopter, let it warm up and we were off... During the flight he let me control the cyclic, collective and pedals, at first independently (to kind of get a feel for each), and then collectively (no pun intended), so I really did get to "Fly" the helicopter (up, down, turns, etc.). After we'd be flying for about 15-20 minutes, he flew us back to the airstrip, at which point he went back to hovering about 10'-20' off the ground, and then let me take the controls and hover (which is harder than it looks, given the fact that the cyclic, collective and pedals all have to work harmoniously for the aircraft to look elegant in flight)... through it all, Andrew was calm/cool/collected, wasn't reactionary, would step in when needed and take the controls and center us, and then give me another shot at it. He had (IMO), nerves of steel, and a velvet touch. He definitely made it look easy, that's for sure. I'd definitely go back for another tour with him."

"We had so much fun! We booked the "learn to fly" package with Andrew. Andrew was very patient, knowledgeable, and made us feel safe. The weather was absolutely perfect and I would highly recommend taking a ride."

"Perfect helicopter ride over Philadelphia. Our pilot, Andrew was great"

"So much fun! Not scary at all. Great experience from beginning to end. We flew over/passed my boyfriend's job so the pilot made u turn in the air so we could fly over it again and record it."

"Once I entered the main atrium I was greeted by a very jolly fellow, who made us feel welcomed. The pilot was cordial, and assured us that the trip will be fun. It was a memorable experience, viewing Philadelphia from 1,000 ft above. My girlfriend was overwhelmed by the view, and the fact that I proposed 850 ft in the air; to which she screamed, yes!
I will definitely book another night flight, and recommend it to others."

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